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Delivery Information
  • 1. We promise that our Cardmon Hero Mesos delivery is in 5 mins-24 hours.
  • 2. After your payment, please contact with our online support, we will delivery the game gold to you in game immediately after your contact.
  • 3. If you have any questions, you can see the FAQ first on our FAQ page. If your questions are not included in that page, you can contact us through any way you can, for instance, MSN, aol, etc.
  • 4. All virtual currency, powerleveling service we are selling is made by human hand.

Please write down the following information in your PayPal payment note:

1. Character name

2. Your Email Address

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1. Is the Cardmon Hero Gold transferred automatically?

    No, after your placing the order, please contact us by live chat, one of our operators there will arrange a trade with you in game, we will then trade the Cardmon Hero Gold to your character in game.


2. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We use PayPal for payment processing, and accept all PayPal payment types.


3. Do you accept Visa/MasterCard/AmEx credit/debit Gift Cards?

    We accept all PayPal payments, and Paypal does accept credit/debit gift cards, as long as they are activated for online use. You will need to activate your card for online use in order to use it; visit the Official Website or to see your card for details.


4. I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still use Cardmon Hero Gold?

    Yes! You can pay using a credit card even if you do not have a PayPal account! At the bottom of the PayPal payment screen you will see an area that says 'Don't have a PayPal Account?' Follow the link and you will be able to enter your credit card information without creating a PayPal account!


5. What if I don't receive my Cardmon Hero Gold?

    Check your PayPal account to see whether your payment was processed as an eCheck. If you paid by eCheck, you will not receive your credits until the eCheck has cleared, approximately 5 business days. If you did not intend to pay by eCheck, just contact us by live chat and we will be happy to refund it for you.


6. Do you buy Cardmon Hero Gold?

    Yes, you can contact our live chat, and we will talk about the details.